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A memorial to the ten fire stations closed in the mid 2010s by Boris Johnson during his mayorship of London.

Drill towers, incorporating practice staircases, are located in most London fire station yards. Many of them were built in a similar era which parallels the rise, and design, of social housing in the UK. They are incongruous secular towers looming over housing projects and high streets. The fire station practice staircases escape the internal structural logistics of towers, eschewing the panoptic, the sentinel, the defensive and the grandiose. The height does not depend on the size of the domain that they command, the top is no vantage point and the architectural style simply mimics the stairs of the homes they hope to save.

These images were photographed and the black and white prints were sent to the Haitian artist and sign-painter, Michel Lafleur, who recreates them in acrylic on canvas.
Bow Fire Station EDIT_LOW.jpg
Peckham Fire Station 1.jpg
Kingsland Road Fire Station EDIT PERSP.jpg
Stoke Newington Fire Station LAFLEUR.jpg
Shadwell Fire Station 3.jpg
Silvertown Fire Station
Clerkenwell Fire Station ST_Michel_CROP.jpg
Old Street Fire Station
Downham Fire Station